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    Lake of the Ozarks areas.
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Add-On Services

  • Clay Bar Service - $20
    Removes overspray, sap, road residue, & all surface contaminants.
  • Interior Shine and Protectant (Glossy or Flat) - $20
    For all dark interior surfaces with UV protectant and Scotchguard.
  • Full Carpet Shampoo and Deodorizer - $25
    Carpet rejuvenation service.
  • Steam Cleaning - $25
    Hot steam cleans without chemicals.
  • Meguiar's Smoke Deodorizer Bomb - $15
    Circulates through AC vents & helps eliminate odors.
  • Headlight Restoration - $35
    Professional restoration with lens sealant.
  • Black Trim Restoration - $25 - $45
    Make your black exterior plastic look new again.
  • Leather Seat Rejuvenation - $25
    Deep cleaning.
  • Leather Seat Conditioner - $25
    Prevent cracking and protect your leather with UV Protection.
  • High-temp Wheel Wax - $10
    Reduces brake dust and makes cleaning much easier.
  • Fender Liner Shine - $10
    Wheel wells are easier to clean and look new.
  • Leather Seat Re-dying - $90 per seat + materials
    Give your car a new lease on life.
  • De-badging of Emblems - $25
    You will never know they were there.
  • Caliper Painting - $90 per caliper
  • Paint Chip Touch-Up - $50 - $200
  • Scratch Repair - $50 - $200
  • Wax & Sealant Choices

  • Meguiar's Premium Synthetic Sealant - $10
    Better than traditional wax.
  • Jet Seal Paint Sealant - $15
    6-12 months of protection.
  • Sonax Polymer Net Shield 6-month Paint Sealant - $20
    Our best sealant, no white residue.
  • Pete's 53 Black Pearl Carnuba Wax - $20
    Give your car a deep, lustrous shine. Perfect for show cars.
  • DA Polisher Slow Speed 2-pass Sealant/Wax - $50
    Jet seal sealant.

Add-on pricing only applies when purchasing a detail package. Additional fees apply for individual services without the purchase of a detail package.

Premium Detail Package

2-Door Cars


4-Door Cars


Trucks, Vans & SUVs


Add $10 for pet hair removal.  Add $15 for tar removal on exterior.  Add $20 for extremely dirty vehicles.
This service takes approximately 5 to 7 hours.

Included Services

  • Exterior Wash
    2-Bucket System with Dual Grit Guards
  • Clay Bar Service
    Removes overspray, sap, road residue, and all surface contaminants.
  • Meguiar's Premium Synthetic Sealant
    Better than traditional wax.
  • Tire Clean & Hi-Gloss Shine
  • Fender Liner Shine
  • Wheel Detail
  • Door Jam Detail
  • Clean All Windows and Glass
  • Engine Clean and Hi-Gloss Shine
  • Interior Clean and Detail
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Clean Floor Mats
    Power wash or steam clean.
  • Full Carpet Shampoo and Deodorizer
    Interior rejuvenation.
  • Steam Cleaning
    Hot steam cleans without chemicals.
  • Leather Seat Conditioner
    BMW Leather Conditioner with UV Protection.
  • Leather Seat Rejuvenation
    Deep cleaning.
  • If additional services are needed see Add-On Services section.

Automotive Paint Correction

Our buffing service provides outstanding paint correction and defect removal.  Paint correction is the process of removing surface scratches or imperfections and blemishes from a vehicles paintwork such as oxidation, hazing, holograms, swirl marks & scratches.


Removes micro scratches, light swirls & light holograms, 50% - 75% imperfections removed.


Removes 75%­ - 90% of swirls, holograms & micro scratches.


Removes 90%­ - 95% of swirls, holograms and micro scratches.



$125 - $250


$200 - $450


$300 - $750

Trucks, Vans & SUVs


$150 - $350


$200 - $650


$300 - $1000

Boat Detail & Buffing

On average boats should be waxed once a month in the summer for best protection and overall appearance. Protect your investment wisely! If your boat is oxidized or faded we recommend our 1-step or 2-step buffing service.

Wash Only

Boats 27' and Under


Boats Over 27'


Wash & Wax

$12 per foot

Boat must be compounded or free of all water spots for best results.
3M Marine Wax.

Buffing & Compounding

Buffing & Gel-Coat Restoration Process
3M 2-Step Compound and Wax

$25 per foot

Final hand wax with 3M marine wax included with buffing service.

Included Services

When you purchase a Wash, Wash & Wax, or Buffing Service, all the services below are included:

  • Clean Cockpit Glass Inside & Out
  • Wipe Down Cockpit, Dash, Seats, Trim and Upholstery
  • Clean All Cracks
  • Vacuum Floors and All Carpets
  • Clean Out Top Compartments
  • Apply 3M Vinyl Restorer with UV Protection to All Seats and Upholstery
  • Wipe Down Radar Bar and All Attachments
  • Power Wash Lower Unit or Outboard

Boat cover must be reasonably clean to put back on boat after service - we recommend add-on Boat Cover Cleaning service. Please remove all personal items from boat prior to service.


  • Vinyl Seat Restoration - $50 - $100
    Stubborn stains and mold/mildew stain removal.
  • Carpet Restoration - $50 - $100
    Carpet shampoo and mold/mildew stain removal.
  • Boat Cover Cleaning - $30 - $45
    Boats 27' and Under $30, Boats Over 27' $45
  • Interior Cleaning in Cabin - $30 - $45
    Boats 27' and Under $30, Boats Over 27' $45
  • Hard Water Spot Removal on Glass - $30
  • Bimini Top Cleaning - $25
  • Bathroom Cleaning - $30
  • Bottom Acid Wash - $150

About Us

We're a locally-owned and operated automotive and marine detail service in Kansas City. At Blair Detail Co. we strive to make your detailing experience stress free - that's why we come to your home or office for no extra charge. We also provide FREE PICKUP and DELIVERY from your office if needed. We have prices so affordable you will be amazed.

Call us today at (913) 890-3507!

Why Detailing?

A detail is better than a standard wash because detailing involves thoroughly cleaning each and every part of your vehicle without the paint damage caused by local car wash machines. We use high-tech equipment and and the highest quality cleaning materials to detail your car. With our professional detail service, your car will look like new for many years and the finish will last longer. While detailing costs more than your local car wash, the investment for the care of your vehicle yields value many times greater.

If mobile service is not required you can drop off vehicles the night before or in the morning at one of our locations and pick up at 5 pm.

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